Blaux Portable AC - Portable Wearable Cooler Mini Neckband Fan

Blaux Portable AC - Portable Wearable Cooler Mini Neckband Fan

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The Blaux Portable Wearable AC is exactly what it sounds like – an air conditioning system that can be worn around the neck with three different positionable air flows.

It offers the circulation of a personal fan, emitting air from both ends. However, this person air cooling device is more than just a cooling unit; it also acts as an air purifier to create a cleaner environment for the user.

How Does the Blaux Wearable AC Work?

To keep the air clean, the Blaux Wearable AC ionizes the air to eliminate the toxic molecules in the air that can spread disease, disperse chemicals, and allow bacteria to continue to spread. With the filters inside, the air circulated through the fan continues to be clean, while releasing cool air when the user needs it most.

Features of Blaux Wearable AC:

Sufficient running time- 

The most unique feature of this cooler is the prolonged running time. The battery is enough compatible to run the device for more than a day constantly. Thus it can be easily carried with the luggage when a long hectic journey is unavoidable.

Easy cleaning- 

Dirt and moisture will stick to the mesh holes. It is a very common problem faced by any cooling agent. With the help of a cloth and a disinfectant, the particles can be removed. No professional is needed to hire for the cleaning purpose. Hence the maintenance cost is saved.

Indication of power and charging- 

There is a LED ring provided on the surface of the cooler device. It will keep the user alert about the charging status. The full charge status is also shown on a proper basis. It is a very important criterion especially when there is no availability of charging point or any nearby station. Blaux Wearable AC is engineered to give the best level of comfort to its user.

3 fan purpose- 

The speed of the airflow can be controlled using these fans. This will help to reduce the electricity consumption of the device. If the day is not so hot, then unnecessary blast cooling will consume a lot of electricity. A slow to medium fan speed will comfort the user as well as save electricity.


Everyone and I mean everyone can benefit from this wearable AC. Summer weather can be unbearable at times, and if you don’t stay cool or play it safe, you could wind up suffering from heatstroke.

It’s still important to stay in the shade when you can and drink plenty of water, but having a personal fan can really help keep you cool when you’re out and about in the summer.

Here are some of the things I really love about Blaux’s personal AC.

Cleaner Air

If you get the upgrade with filters and purifying features, you’ll enjoy cleaner air whenever you use your wearable AC.I don’t know about you, but I want to breathe air that’s as clean as possible. Having filters and purifiers can help remove pollutants, allergens and particles that can be harmful.

Stay Active

It’s easy to stay active if you’re not overheating. Having a personal AC will help you keep up the energy to keep going and finish your workouts even in the dead of summer.


This is better than buying an expansive AC unit. It’s perfect for hot summer days, traveling, and filtering out unwanted germs and bacteria. In our opinion, this is the freshest, cleanest air you will ever breathe.

Because it’s super convenient, we think that once you buy one, you won’t go anywhere without it. Super easy to use, great for people on the go or who like to vacation to hot places. Don’t ever risk suffering from heat stroke or worry about allergens again with this amazing device.